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About Us

We offer one of the leading Ferret Displays in the UK

Our Story

Everything Started in 1999

we are devoted to our ferrets and running displays for the public , our ferret racing is very popular and exciting, indoors or outside. We provide both static displays and arena demonstrations showing how to use ferrets in rabbit control , with only nets and ferrets and equipment used in a days ferreting. Mick's commentary is entertaining and informative and is happy to answer any questions visitors might have.
We provide help and give advice on ferrets to the public or anyone thinking of taking up ferreting, or just keeping them as pets.
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Our Story

Ferreting is a Way of Life and not Just a Sport

we attend lots of shows from Game fairs, Craft shows, summer fetes, parties, weddings, fund raising events, steam shows, farm open days , schools talks , and many more.
  • Arena Demonstrations
  • Racing Displays
  • Working Displays
  • Educational Talks